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Marriage is a ceremony or union recognized by law that is shared by many cultures. The first example of a marriage ceremony was between Adam and Eve, back in the biblical era. The proof of this union can be found in the first testament where it is stated "At last, this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh."(Genesis Chapter 1) It paved the path for the idea of two becoming one. It also was the setting that gave birth to the importance of marriage before sexual intercourse. After that most believed it to be a sin to engage in intercourse if you weren’t married. In earlier traditions marriage was thought to be between a man and women, or some even recognize it as being between multiple men and women. “Esau had three wives” –…show more content…
The “Something new symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. A borrowed item reminds the bride that her family will be there to help her, and blue is the ancient color of loyalty and faithfulness.” (Wedding Traditions in the United States) Conventionally marriage in the US is based off love. It is not the norm to have prearranged marriages or have multiple spouses. It is however not uncommon to get divorced and then remarry. The engagement process used to begin with obtaining permission from the father of the bride to be. Now it has become more important to find acceptance in both families. Asking for the daughters hand in marriage has currently become an act of good manners. The proposal process usually involves an engagement ring in which the man suggests she accept the ring in exchange for her hand in marriage. If she says yes, they must decide on a date or a long engagement. After a date is chosen, the planning process starts. Engagement can last from several months to several years. Details in the consideration of planning involve the invitations, food, cake, flowers, gifts, décor, a venue, and photographer. In our community it has becomes more popular for the ceremony to be what is considered “traditional”, rather than strictly religious. Traditional weddings usually are those held in a venue other than a church and are not always lead by a minister. Weddings come in many different forms.

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