Weedon Island Tribe

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Weedon Island was home to the very first Native Americans that came to Florida Alabama and Georgia; these people used to do everything in the island and lived there for a long period of time. Even though, the island is very small for an entire population to live in it because there was probably not enough food for everyone, they still managed to stay there for many years. Nowadays the place is a reserve own by the state where tourists and locals can go and explore. During the hike people get to see the Florida state tree, many pine trees, turtles, and many other organisms that are protected by the state, and just like any other preserve, the organisms found at the island cannot be taken or harmed. One of the first things people get to see in the hike is the pine trees and their pinecones. The small pinecones are the males and the big ones, that almost everyone is familiar to, the female. The female cones are seen at the top of the pine tree because they want to pollinate with different species and the pollen can get to them easier from up there. After observing the cones, the guide pointed out to a wild lime tree. I learned that the thorns on the wild lime tree are there to protect the tree from animals that would want to eat it and the lime is not eatable, it is toxic. Another thing the hike guide pointed out to…show more content…
The tortoises that live in this island are 30 to 35 pounds, and the tunnels they make are amazing. The tortoises usually use the tunnels to hide in them for a long time when there is a change in the environment or season. In addition, a nice tip I leardned at the hike was that if I ever wanted to help turtoises on the road from getting run over by a car and get them to a safe place, I should lift them and carry them towards the back because if they see hands to close to their mouth they might try to bite
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