Week 1 Case Studies HURD 789

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Case Study: Lakes Automotive 1. How do companies combine methodologies? Answer: Companies combine methodologies by conducting research to determine the fastest and most cost effective method to move product and satisfy the customer; criticizing both advantages and disadvantages; asking for the opinions of the employees and managers, and/or deciding which phase the company is willing to keep. 2. How do you get employees to change work habits that have proven to be successful? Answer: In order to get employees to change work habits that have been proven to be successful, management must ensure that the new, implemented work habits are just as good and will benefit the overall longevity of the company as well as the employees of the…show more content…
6. Why was the consultant not allowed to teach the methodology? Answer: The consultant was brought in only to train employees on project management skills, therefore, as the text implies, the consultant’s expertise is only in that subject. Moreover, the new methodology was developed internally. Since it was created internally only an internal employee could have the knowledge to train employees on the new methodology. Case Study: Clark Faucet Company 1. What is the critical issue? Answer: The critical issue is that the Clark Faucet Company has a non-cooperative culture; therefore, the engineering and marketing department is not encouraged to communicate. This causes friction between the two departments and many failed project management implementations. 2. What can be done about it? Answer: The executive council should enforce better company structure. For example, good project management practices and mandate communication between the engineering and marketing departments in order to complete task effectively and efficiently. 3. Can excellence in project management still be achieved and, if so, how? What step can you recommend? Answer: Excellence in project management may still be achieved if the project manager follows the tasks identified under the planning, execution, and closing. I would recommend the project manager keep constant communication with the stakeholder to

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