Week 1 Discussion Essay

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Chapter 1 of your textbook includes, on page 9, Table 1.1, “Managing Change: Some Lessons from the Four Stories.” Review the four “lessons” (bullet points) on the table, and think about what some of the key “learning points” you gleaned about change from these stories. Then, do one of two things:1. Post the top three learning points you gleaned from the stories, and include how the stories for change helped you learn these points, or2. Research one of the four companies and see how or if that company has since changed (yet more) since the time of the book’s publication. How did that recent change fit with or not fit in with the “lessons” that the textbook mentions the company “learned” from their original set of changes? Explain what you…show more content…
Grossman's presentation, they paired up to propagate the new strategy. Mr. Patrick brought his "connections" to the project to get "buy in" from higher management while Mr. Grossman had the technical capabilities. | | | | RE: Welcome to Week 1 | Rae Davis | 7/13/2012 11:38:48 PM | | | Thomas, in regards to the line you comment on "innovative changes often originate from lower levels of the organization", I totally agree withthat statement due to the fact that those lower level employees are the ones who are working in the fields, in terms of having their hands on the equipment and having the full knowledge of what improvements are needed in the work field. Innovation often derive from insight and even frustration at times. Good post. Rae Davis | | | | RE: Welcome to Week 1 | Michael Rohde | 7/11/2012 1:49:17 PM | | | One of the main learning points that I read was that communication needed to be thorough and maintained through the course of the changes to ensure that complacency didn’t set in or any regression in the implementation of the changes. Another is that consideration should be given to the concerns of the individuals that will be directly affected. It is important to note these because these are sometimes the breaking points for an unsuccessful implementation. Especially considering the individuals affected, it so simple just a little extra time understanding how and what the change will affect will ease the process in the
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