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Question 6. Many drug safety research studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies that would financially benefit if the results of the study are favorable. Is this an example of a potential confounding factor? A confounding factor is an important difference between the two groups you are comparing, other then the one you’re primarily interested in. With regards to this question, there would most likely be two groups involved in the experimental study: the control group and the treatment group. The control group would receive a placebo while the treatment group was administered the drug. Because the sponsoring pharmaceutical most likely has a personal interest in the success of the drug, and hence a desirable effect from the…show more content…
With regards to construction laborers – I would like to see similar demographic information, if deaths occur at varying rates regarding geographic location, and how deaths toll when comparing varying construction projects. Often, construction workers are young men who are in better health, then perhaps a seasoned older fisherman who’s skills improve with age and experience. Construction workers may be promoted to “safer” jobs, such as managers, team leader, etc. and are not directly out in the field handling equipment that may be directly associated with the deaths. Although the driver/sales workers and truck drivers had the largest count of total deaths, and refuse and recyclable material collectors had the least count of total deaths, the fishers/and fishing workers had the highest rate of total deaths to total employed and construction laborers had the lowest rate of total deaths to total employees (we were calculating the ratio to determine the rates based on the subject group – deaths – to the total possible participants – employees). 15. Observational or experimental? Observational study. Can you think of a confounding factor here? ???????????????????????????????????/ Depending on the environment in which the study was done, the participant may have felt rushed or pressured to choose to answer immediately rather
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