Week 2 Cango Project

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CanGo is a fast growing Internet business that retails variety of products and services, ranging from books, music, and services. They are now in the process of implementing the online gaming systems to their company. When Liz, the CEO of the company, was invited to speak at the local Hudson Chamber of Commerce meeting to discuss her strategic management process that contributed to the success of CanGo, she realized that the strategic planning process of her company was haphazard and emergent. Its success has more to do with “luck” rather than deliberate strategies and planning. CanGo’s management would have to make a decision about how to institute a strategic management process in the implementation of a successful online gaming system…show more content…
• As the owner and CEO of the company, Liz should set long-range goals and objectives. With setting objectives Liz can achieve the company’s mission into precise, actual, measurable parameters.
• The third step to follow would be performing an analysis in formulating strategies to reach the company’s objectives. This will help Liz to comprehend the task of reaching the objectives. In preparing a strategy, it will include defining and assessing alternatives that will support the company’s objectives and selecting the top alternative. In this evaluation process the company will be able to define their customers and their needs. Then comes the SWOT Analysis, which is the assessment of the internal and external environment. The company will head in the right direction if it can identify its opportunities and threats. With the results of the SWOT analysis, Liz will be able to alter internal strengths and weaknesses.
• The fourth step in the strategic process will include the implementation of strategies by forming projects. “The conceptual framework for strategy implementation lacks the structure and discipline found in strategy formulation. Implementation requires action and completing tasks” (Gray, Larson, 2008).

2. The second observed issue:
Communication and Team Reconnaissance In the first meeting that we listened to where Liz was speaking and rallying the troops about her new idea of entering online
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