Week 2

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Assignment 2: Marketing Plan Name Institutional affiliation Date Target Market The Affordable Blended Smoothie, Inc. will be producing a healthy non-alcoholic product. As more families and the society continue struggle to maintain healthy lifestyles, the new beverage comes at the right time in remedying the situation. The new energy drink will be suitable to all classes of people regardless of their age, educational level, income, gender, or ethnic affiliation. However, we will be able to employ targeted marketing where the marketing strategies for the company will be directed to rising middle class in Virginia (Wit, 2010). For the first six months, the company will first concentrate…show more content…
There are certain chat rooms where people discuss various health matters and advertising the new energy drink will be a great advantage in introducing it to the market. The social media platforms will therefore be a perfect start in making the product known to the public (Olson, 2009). Publicity events and Public Relations One of the advantages of our product is its health benefit to its users. Using publicity as a marketing vehicle will be a great step in conveying information to the public about the advantages of the energy drink by maintaining the company`s image through publicity. Through such a vehicle, the public will understand that the company is committed to the welfare of the community (Olson, 2009). Broadcast There are various broadcast channels that we can use that include TV/Radio, Industry conference, Vendor events, and industry association. The reason why this vehicle is important is that some of the targeted population is not much into social media since some of them are always too busy to operate their facebook or twitter accounts. Through broadcast, it will be possible to reach all the targeted populations, making it easier to sell the product (Olson, 2009). Personal communication At the start of the company, we will introduce a marketing team

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