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Labor relations chapter 1 – 2 notes 1. Experts believe that the widening gap between the richest and poorest individuals in the U.S. is in part due to the weakened position of labor unions. (Points : 1) | True False | 2. In the U.S., most workers can be discharged for good cause, no cause, and even a morally wrong cause, as long as the discharge is not on the basis of race, gender, religion or another classification protected by law. (Points : 1) | True False | 3. Conflicts between what employees want and what employers want are generally resolved privately between the individual and his/her employer. (Points : 1) | True False | 4. Neoliberal market…show more content…
Compared to other countries, the system of labor relations in the U.S. is (Points : 1) | Loosely regulated Tightly regulated Similarly regulated Unfairly regulated | 10. It has been argued that demand for services traditionally provided for by unions has declined over time due to: (Points : 1) | Laws prohibiting unions from providing the same services that they used to provide Unions placing too much emphasis on organizing new members instead of representing the interests of those they already have Substitution of union services by enlightened employer practices and protective legislation The perception that unions and management are too "tight" and are more interested in protecting each other than they are in protecting union workers | 11. The media generally report employment issues from the perspective of a typical worker, as opposed to the consumer or business leader's perspective. (Points : 1) | True False | 12. The "labor problem" can be defined as undesirable outcomes created out of an employment relationship which is inequitable, contentious, and exploitive. (Points : 1) | True False | 13. Mass manufacturing can be at least

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