Week 27

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With the third trimester of your pregnancy around the corner, anxiety might be the over-riding emotion of week 27. If this is your first pregnancy, then it is absolutely natural to feel some amount of anxiety. The little pushes, pulls and pains that most mothers get accustomed to by their second pregnancy might still be alarming for first-time mothers. The best way to relax is to learn more about the miracle of pregnancy.

Changes happening to your body in week 27

Now that the second trimester is nearly over, your tummy is getting bigger with the baby growing faster. The changes in your body might amaze you as well as tire you. Here is an overview of the physical changes that happen to you during week 27 of your pregnancy:

With the uterus
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She may experience hiccups that you feel as rhythmic fluttering movements.
She wiggles around and moves when she is awake. You should be able to tell when your baby is awake simply through her movements.
More brain tissues are being developed during this week and your baby has a more active brain.
Symptoms you should not neglect during and after week 27

You may feel confused about the various aches and pains you are experiencing because you don’t know what is and what is not a medical emergency. This confusion is extremely common, especially if this is your first-time pregnancy. Whether you should seek medical help or not depends on many factors including your health condition, pregnancy complications and risk factors. Though aches and pains have become an accepted part of pregnancy, there are a few symptoms that you should not ignore. Some of the signs are listed below:

By week 27 mothers are usually aware of the baby’s patterns of movements. Unusually high or low levels of activity are a sign of something being amiss.
Pelvic pressure
Abdominal pain similar to or more severe than menstrual cramps
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