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As you enter your RN-BSN educational program, you are again going through a period of socialization or transformation. As you learn more about the roles of the BSN-prepared nurse, how can you use other nurses with BSNs and higher degrees to help you in your socialization or transformation? What factors are most important as you become socialized as a BSN student? What are your resources in this process? How can this process be most effective? According to the lesson, socialization is the interactive process of developing an identity through learning the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and norms needed to perform the role (Chamberlain, 2013). We use our experiences with other nurses in our profession to the set “bar” of which we…show more content…
Retrieved January 21, 2014 As you considered the four central concepts of professional nursing from the lesson, you thought about how each of those is incorporated into your own philosophy of nursing. Select one of those four central concepts, and explain how it is exemplified in your own philosophy of professional nursing. Nursing is defined in the lesson as the care provided to restore or maintain health is the function of nursing. Care is provided to aid the human response to health and illness (Chamberlain, 2013). I find this central concept of professional nursing to be one of the most important concepts in my practice as a nurse. In order to be a good nurse we have to first and foremost nurse. This is not an easy thing to accomplish at the high levels our patients deserve. I take great pride that I am a member of several professional organizations and hold certifications at the highest levels pertinent to my practice. I take the time outside of my job to maintain currency and educational sharpness above and beyond what is required of me at my job, because it matters to the people I take care of. Nurses today are required to take on an ever expansive role as a practitioner. In critical care nursing we are taking care of an ever increasing number of complex sick patients and are required to know far beyond the scope we all learned in nursing school originally. It goes back to our socialization with experienced nurses to help us transition in to the new roles

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