Week 3 The Major Purpose Of Education. Cynthia Aurich.

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Cynthia Aurich
Keiser University Graduate School
EDU524 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Dr. Dietzel
January 29, 2017
The Importance of a Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten children thrive when they can work independently and cooperatively with a small group of peers (Gullo, D. F., 2006). A kindergarten teacher who is teaching students to work independently and in small groups while learning about numbers must understand that the students are very diverse and have been taught in many different ways. A kindergarten teacher is a very important person in the life of the children entering elementary school. Teachers at the kindergarten level must keep in mind that
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When they reach 1, they call out, “Blast-off”, and jump in the air like rockets taking off);
• using songs, chants, and stories that emphasize the counting sequence, both forward and backwards and from different points within the sequence, and that focus on the tricky teens when the students are ready;
• providing opportunities to participate in games that emphasize strategies such as one-to-one-correspondence;
• providing support to help them recognize the various counting strategies (e.g., tagging each object as it is counted); providing opportunities to develop facility with finger-pattern counting, so that 5 fingers and 10 fingers become anchors for the other numbers. Thus, students will recognize that they do not have to recount the 5 fingers on one hand in order to show 6 fingers; instead, they can automatically show the 5 fingers, say “five”, and then count on an additional finger from the other hand to make 6 (A Guide to effective instruction in mathematics, kindergarten to grade 3 : number sense and numeration, 2003).
A teacher must be able to check the students for understanding. There is a site called CPALMS.org.

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