Week 4 EasiYo Case Study

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Managing change and diversity at EasiYo FROM A MANUFACTURING base in Auckland, EasiYo enables over a million homes in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Italy and China to enjoy fresh yoghurt every day of the year. It supports home production through the supply of powdered bases and culture and a plastic incubator in which the yoghurt ferments. Paul O'Brien joined the company as CEO in December 2009 and has overseen sales growth of around 30 per cent a year, on the way to a target of sales in excess of $50 million to 20 plus countries. It is part of the New Zealand success in dairy products but for EasiYo business growth has also been about managing the transition from humble beginnings into a multinational enterprise with a…show more content…
Momentum is about injecting energy into the workplace through ensuring a pipeline of new projects, relating short-term actions to longer term goals and maintaining an active presence across the workplace. The diversity benefiting EasiYo goes beyond the Tongan production team. Out of the total workforce of almost 60 only a handful are New Zealand born. Most are migrants to New Zealand and this is seen to fit well with a company that exports to Europe and Asia and that is seeking to further expand its geographical footprint. Taken from, Waddell, Jones, and George (2013) 3rd Edition. Contemporary Management, Sydney, McGraw Hill (pages

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