Week 4 Individual Assignment Interventions Case Study Essay

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Interventions Case Study Matt Gunther BSHS/445 Amanda Williams The case of Sean The case study chosen is about Sean which comes from chapter 7 in the Crisis Intervention Case Book. Sean is a 19 year old sophomore who is currently on disciplinary probation for getting in a fight during freshman year and breaking the other students jaw. Sean admits to drinking and also smoking marijuana since high school and occasionally on campus. Currently Sean was brought to the emergency room by a friend after passing out on the lawn at a beer party. His friend had seen that Sean vomited all over himself and would not wake up. His friend then called 911 and an ambulance came. At the emergency room Sean’s stomach was pumped and a blood…show more content…
When speaking to the counselor Sean admits that, he does not remember what happened last night or how he came to be at the hospital. He remembered being at the Sigma house and playing a drinking game around 10:00 pm and did not remember much after that. He even mentioned a story about drinking when he was in high school. Sean was very worried that his parents would find out and that they would make him come home. He seemed to be very nervous about not knowing whether his parents were called or not. Sean admitted to smoking marijuana before the party. He also stated that a friend gave him oxycontin. Sean mentioned that his father was an alcoholic and used to come home all the time drunk, which caused tension between his father and mother. His father would come home slurring his speech, coming home buzzed or sometimes not coming home at all. His father attended AA meeting and he no longer drinks. The counselor asked Sean if it would be okay to set an appointment for him at the outpatient center at the medical center, which Sean seemed willing to do anything to stay in school. The counselor also agreed to meet with Sean’s parents to discuss the plan they have made to make it easier for Sean to confront them. There are other intervention strategies that could have been provided such as a support group that Sean can be involved in with other students who are in the same situation as Sean or who have been there. When trying to stop
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