Week 4 Leadership Model

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LEADERSHIP MODELS University of Phoenix Information Systems Strategy and Leadership LDR 712 Student February 27, 2006 Abstract According to Horner (1997), "In some cases, leadership has been described as a process, but most theories and research on leadership look at a person to gain understanding." According to Wren (2004), "People found advantages to forming and working together in groups." (p. 6). Classical Leadership started approximately the early 1800 's around the time of the Industrial revolution. The Modernism Era was a new step forward in the studies of management. This model deals with the flexibility in the management. Introduction According to Horner (1997), "In some cases, leadership has been…show more content…
The Industrial Revolution brought more to light as now the employees were now working with better resources and automated functionality. Taylor 's studies measured certain employees ' productivity and implement changes that could increase productivity. Modernism Leadership Model The Modernism Era was a new step forward in the studies of management. Management started to look into the behavioral sciences to see how they could better manage their employees. According to Wren (2004), The Hawthorne studies were the start of the social era (p. 279). While doing the studies, there was notice that the physical environment did not matter to the employees ' productivity, productivity remained unchanged. They did continue the studies and found that the employees reacted to the psychological environment. Robbins (2001) wrote, "Mintzberg (1973) concluded that managers perform 10 different, highly interrelated roles, or sets of behaviors attributable to their jobs. These 10 roles are primarily concerned with interpersonal relationships, the transfer of information, and decision-making." Interpersonal Roles - managers will act as a figurehead, a liaison and leader Information Roles - managers will act as a monitor, speaker and disseminator Decisional Roles - manager will act as negotiator and resource manager Robbins (2001. p6) stated, "Henri
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