Week 4 Linking Questions

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Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga Graduate School Of Business & Entrepreneurship Assignment for Course: MGT 5170 Apply Strategy for Managers Submitted to: Ronald Steffel Submitted by: Tiffany Gordon Shameka Moss Jose Tavarez Roiner Ruiz Date of Submission: April 3, 2016 Title of Assignment: Week 4 Linking…show more content…
What external threats to your company's future well-being and profitability do you and your co-managers see? What does the preceding SWOT analysis indicate about your company's present situation and future prospects—where on the scale from "exceptionally strong" to "alarmingly weak" does the attractiveness of your company's situation rank? The company’s resource strengths are advertising, celebrity appeal (2 contracts), competitive low pricing in several segments, rebate offer, and model availability. The company’s resources weaknesses are in SQ rating, free shipping, retailer support, and delivery time. The external market opportunities that will have the company growth and increase profitability; sustained low-cost strategy in the wholesale segment, compete in private label segment (no bids in Year 12) and expanding on manufacturing capacity. In Year 12, Company C was able to lower manufacturing cost by 10% and 7% in North America and Asia-Pacific respectively. External threats to Company C are companies like A, B, and E selling at a loss in the private-label segment. Company C will strive to compete with low-cost strategy but with a controlled loss (if any), unlike the current price wars in the private-label segment, which in Year 12 Company C did not compete. Company C is strong in the wholesale segment and in the industry as a whole. The company has some strong resources to continue its growth and probability. Company C’s
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