Week 4 Scholarly vs. Popular Media Focus on Sexuality Paper

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Introduction This assignment will help you explore the way a topic in human sexuality is covered in two very different sources: 1) a scholarly journal; and 2) a popular media source.For more information to help you understand the difference between those sources, please use this link to the APU library http://apus.libanswers.com/a.php?qid=5312. You will summarize a scholarly article (peer-reviewed, evidence-based, original research) and one popular media article on your topic. Once you see how the topic is covered in each source, you will write a paper: 1. comparing and contrasting the coverage; 2. discussing the relative merits of each; and 3. addressing which of the two approaches (scholarly or popular media) is better…show more content…
· Once you have found an acceptable article, read it completely. · Read the abstract and introduction at the beginning and the conclusion at the end of the article first. The topic and hypothesis will be provided in these sections. Then read the methodology and data/results sections. Reading the introduction, summary, and abstract will help you better understand and follow the data-heavy results section. Step 2: Summarize the scholarly article · Write a 1-page summary of the single scholarly article you selected, including: · The hypothesis of the study on which the article reports. · How the study was conducted, including: · The group of people researched and written about (colleges students? adolescents? the elderly? military members? sexual minorities? etc.) · The research method used (i.e. naturalistic observation, lab experiment, survey, etc.) · The results of the study, the interpretation of the data by the authors and any conclusions they include at the end of the article. · Edit and revise your summary for content, grammar, and APA format. Using APA format, identify the article title, the article authors, the journal in which the article was published, the date of publication, and the focus of the research. Step 3: Find and summarize the popular media article · Find and analyze/summarize an article from the popular media that covers the same topic as the scholarly paper. Acceptable popular

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