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Week 5/6 iLab Report SriLakshmi Avireneni DeVry University MIS589: Networking Concepts and Applications MIXED 11B/11G WLAN PERFORMANCE Submitted to: David Apaw Professor: Name of your professor Date: 4/12/2015 Mixed 11b/11g WLAN Performance 1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of our dropping the transmit power to such a low level? I believe having 1 node or just a few nodes would be accessing this access point. With dropping the power output will help increase stability if there is a lot of interference with outside noise. This node might not need the extra performance or the extra distance a higher transmit power would generate. 2. What do access point connectivity statistics collected for the roaming station show?…show more content…
Such a connection is limited by the speed of the 802.11b adapter. 7. There is another mechanism besides RTS/CTS that helps the incompatibility. Explain briefly the difference between RTS/CTS and CTS-to-self and when each is used. A node wishing to send data initiates the process by sending a Request to Send frame (RTS). The destination node replies with a Clear to Send frame (CTS). Any other node receiving the RTS or CTS frame should refrain from sending data for a given time (solving the hidden node problem). 8. What is the “protection” scheme talked about in the standard? In short, how do 11g nodes know that an 11b node is associating and how is CCK involved? The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a protection scheme which collect and analyze audit data for the entire network. 802.11 WLANs use CSMA/CA, the devices use a four-way handshake to gain access to the airwaves to ensure collision avoidance, and also to know about hidden nodes from different wireless standard. 9. In addition to the added overhead of the RTS/CTS scheme, what else causes the drop in throughput you see? Are there other factors that can affect the throughput? RTS/CTS packet size threshold is 0.2347 octets. Typically, sending RTS/CTS frames does not occur unless the packet size exceeds this threshold.

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