Week 5 Assessment Essay

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Please: 1. Read the Case Study. All of the questions and MS®Project® schedule will be based on the facts of the included Case Study. 2. Read each question. Note the Question # and a brief heading above your written response to each question. Use subheadings to help organize your thoughts and comments. Use enough narrative for the sake of clarity. Use bullet points for elements that lend themselves well to lists. 3. When done, submit your document, and the Project® mpp file to the Assessment assignment for Week 5. 4. Submit your Certificate of Originality with the assignment. Thanks for giving this your best effort! Case Study Business Background: Elegant Lighting is a growing, 10-year old company in a large metropolitan area.…show more content…
The five suppliers are willing to establish a peer-to-peer network connection, so that Elegant Lighting could order products by accessing the suppliers’ ordering systems. A VPN connection is required for security purposes. You are the Project Manager. 1. Create a Project Charter from the information in the Case Study. Project Charter Business Need Create a POS that will track inventory, who made the sale and when to reorder Expected Results To have the remote office locations have the ability to see current inventory of all products, order based on set inventory levels, and track who sells each sale Roles, Responsibilities, Stakeholders A Technology Steering Committee, President, CFO, CIO, and VP of Products and Marketing, Sales Manager and Sales Person IT Staff Programmer - Outsourced Technology Choice IIS Based Web Solution to connect to Back end SQL Database VPN Connections to each Reseller to order product Bar Code Scanners Resources IT Staff Web Based Programmer – Consultant Sales staff for testing Scope Define and set Reorder Guidelines, Track Inventory Track Sales Person Budget 50,000 Risks Budget Restraints Time Restraints Training No downtime Configure VPN Connections to each supplier Quality Requirements Testing each sites configuration to make sure each site has access to the database and to each supplier The project
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