Week 5 Assignment

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Week 5 Assignment: Community Landscape Project (page 1/5) Student: Tony Donnelly Student ID Number: 15505693 Risk Analysis: Introduction: Milestones are indicators that are inserted into a programme at points of strategic activity. These milestones enable us to track specific events so we can identify certain conditions through the course of a project. In the case of our landscape project we have five milestones inserted into our Gantt chart. They are at task 2 Design backyard, task 4 Get quotes for purchases, task 5 get quotes for contractors, task 11 level yard and task 20 make payments. The significance of these milestones is to enable the team to identify where the key elements of the project are, in terms of risk…show more content…
The landscaping will involve clearing the existing site, levelling the ground, creating a new paved parking area and creating a new walkway. Two new trees will be planted and a new bench will be installed. The programme is on schedule and within budget: Introduction: The project was set up and progress started on 31st August and is proceeding as planned in agreement with our client. The project is managed from our head office Essential services, electric, water and welfare etc. and the storage facilities are all provided by client on site. As to date, Friday 9th September all programmed tasks have been completed as schedule, to wit; Appropriate purchases have been made. This will ensure availability of the materials to ensure smooth operation of programme progress. The existing area has been cleared and the dustcart will be removed on Monday. Milestones have been inserted in the programme and all identified risks have been documented in the risk register and they are being closely monitored. Daily meeting are conducted at the end of each day to enable team members to report the status of the project Those members that have tasks open, Wysocki (2009), attend the meeting and report on the status of the task. This information is compared to the programme and this information is

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