Week 5 Assignment Final Paper

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Wal-Mart Financial Analysis Report Michael Thomas ACC205: Principles of Accounting Instructor: Mark Stricklett November 10, 2014 Wal-Mart Financial Analysis Report In accounting there is much to be learned, about the financial aspects of a business. In the past five weeks I have learned the importance of financial reports and how they relate to the success of an establishment. These reports may include balance sheets and income statements, which help accountants and the public grasp the overall financial condition of a company. The information in these reports is really significant to, managers, owners, employees, and investors. Managers of a business can take and deduce financial…show more content…
This type of report can be very beneficial in the management of a company. Balance sheets can best be reviewed by removing historical data via a Horizontal analysis. Assets, liabilities and owners’ equity can all be scrutinized and compared to determine if any damaging or constructive trends are apparent. Wal-marts marketing strategy is to boast about having the cheapest prices out of their competitor’s and guarantees this, by implementing a price matching policy. Apparently, this has worked out for the best interest of the corporation, and their income statements can prove it. Wal-Mart’s income statement for the past three years reflects a positive growth pattern for every entry of the Income Statement. The Income tax-Current Domestic record is the only entry on this income statement that produces a stabile number. The indication for the income tax number to show a declining trend is probably that the Wal-mart accountants have located many tax loop holes to reduce the actual company income tax load owed. I would now like to examine Wal-marts financial data. Wal-Mart’s revenue improved over these three years by $39,736 million which is a gross increase of 9.1%. Additionally the Cost of Sales climbed from
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