Week 5 Checkpoint Essay

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1. Livingston made some mistakes initially. Describe at least two of them and provide how you would handle the situations. Livingston did make a critical mistake initially of choosing the project manager from a different department. So that was one of the mistakes that he had made. With choosing a project manager, from a different department Livingston is looking at possible resentment arising from of all functional departments. Although Livingston’s did make the right move of appointing a project manager to help in improved cost and control management, however, it did not necessarily go about appointing the project manager in the right manner and may face resentment. Another problem that Livingston had was communication problems, the…show more content…
This action alone could have helped with resentment and conflicts the organization is facing do their decisions. This could solve the company problems by getting the project goals done, while helping to avoid the conflict/resentment they could face. 4. Explain your thoughts about the appointment of Tim Emary as project manager. Consider what is expected of a project manager and senior managers’ support for projects. In my personal opinion, Livingston’s decision to have Tim Emary as the leader of the proposed project was a mistake. This is because one of the fundamental aspects of project management is use of the right personnel in managing a project. Studies indicate that there is a hierarchy of project managers in every project management. It’s all depending on the size of a project, and the number of sub-projects in a given project, an organization may require several individuals to oversee implementation of the project in different stages. Generally, there are three levels of management, which are present in project management. The most senior individual in a project is a programmer manager (top-level project manager) followed by a project manager, and then a project leader. A project leader is usually an individual who manages a specific stage in a project, or all stages in case of a small project. He/she should possess particular skills or expertise, related to the project being executed. 5. How long do you
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