Week 5 Final Exam

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Final Strategic Plan Beris Edwards BUS 475 May 13, 2013 Garold Cole Jean’s Rare Books is located all over the country and they provide a chain of stores with the desire and need to elevate their business to Canada and more. The location that they have chosen has a strong culture and rich history and this will have a major impact on the ethical and moral decision made by the company. The country and the personnel where the company operates, has a direct relationship with how the company should move forward ethically and morally. It’s the company desire to increase the reading ability in the area where they do business. When it comes to doing business in a foreign country, the guidelines and regulation can become a major problem and…show more content…
Their main focus for revenue growth will be expanding revenue opportunities and this also includes making the customer value stronger and better. The company’s financial goal is to expand in locations within three years and still being profitable consistently. With growth the company will have more employees hired on and this means training for the new employees. The factors of their competition must be considered as well when they expand in location. The company must know where they stand in the market compared to their competitors and with innovative and new technologies the company will be successful and profitable. The company knows the demands of the customers and they are well orientated in the service and the knowledge of the products and this is the element that makes them prosperous. Jean’s Rare Find Books belief in customer service and satisfaction enables a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere and in return produces a strong customer loyalty for the company. Customer satisfaction and customer retention externally and internally is measured by the perspective of the customers and thus implements the reason for the company’s prosperity. Customer perspective is a key factor on how the customer views the company. How Jean’s Rare Find Books will score in the publication market is dependent on the
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