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Week 5 Knowledge Check Study Guide Concepts Mastery Questions Family systems theory 67% 1 2 3 Social systems theory 100% 4 5 6 100% 7 8 9 100% 10 Structural components of social systems The community system life cycle Score: 11 / 12 11 12 Concept: Family systems theory Mastery 1. 67% Questions 1 2 3 Annie lives with her mother, Pamela, who is a conservative woman. At 16, Annie is moving toward parental independence and strongly resents the rules set forth by her mother. Annie and Pamela often get into arguments regarding curfews. Often, Annie calls her grandmother in a fit of rage who then handles the situation and consoles Annie. In the context of Bowen's family systems theory, which concept does this…show more content…
A. Proposed output B. Boundary C. Interface D. Desired input Correct: The Correct Answer is: A. Proposed output is the structural component that includes the development of United Way of America Services Identification System (UWASIS). UWASIS operated on the principle that all planned human efforts can be traced to one overriding purpose or goal. 8. Identify an accurate statement about feedback in the context of structural components of social systems. A. It helps maintain steady states. B. It occurs formally rather than informally. C. It occurs externally rather than internally. D. It is acquired by comparing input and output. Correct: The Correct Answer is: A. An accurate statement about feedback is that it helps maintain steady states. Information gathered by comparing proposed and actual output is fed back as a maintenance input. 9. Plans for establishing a new community is in progress. If the planning committee is currently in the process of determining a means to separate this community from its suprasystem, what is likely to be its current task? A. Designating a suprasystem to the community B. Identifying resources needed to sustain the community C. Specifying a boundary to differentiate the community from its suprasystem D. Maintaining steady state by importing resources from external sources Correct: The Correct Answer is: C. The initial step is to specify the boundary of a

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