Week 5 Quiz

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CHFD311 Quiz 5 Question 1 of 30 1.0 Points Which one of the following statements is consistent with B. F. Skinner’s view of language development? A.“Children initially use language primarily in their interactions with other people, but increasingly they also use it to help them think more effectively.” B.“From a very early age, children are motivated to learn how to speak, because speech enables them to interact with other people and, ultimately, to get what they want.” C.“Although children can learn the specific vocabulary and syntax of their native language only by hearing the people around them speak it, they seem to have some built-in knowledge of the form that any language should take.” D.“To foster children’s language…show more content…
At preschool, Brandon uses the word trajectory as he plays with a toy racecar track. Although he uses the word correctly, you are fairly certain that he does not fully understand what it means. Brandon’s behavior is evidence that: A.Language comprehension always precedes language production. B.Language comprehension sometimes precedes language production. C.Language comprehension sometimes precedes language production. D.Language production sometimes precedes language comprehension. Answer Key: D Question 9 of 30 1.0 Points As you work with 3-year-old Effie, you keep track of all the new words she uses. You find that, on average, Effie uses two or three new words every week over a period of several months. Based on this information, Effie’s language development: A.Is slower than what you would expect for a 3-year-old B.Is about average for what you would expect for a 3-year-old C.Is slighter faster than what you would expect for a 3-year-old D.Indicates exceptionally high intelligence Answer Key: A Question 10 of 30 1.0 Points Janis uses the term teddy to refer to all of her stuffed toys, including teddy bears, stuffed bunnies, stuffed birds, and even a stuffed lizard. In doing so, she is showing:

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