Week 5 Summary

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The group’s discussion for week 5 emerged from a question concerning learning the concepts of nonverbal communication, and the possibility of utilizing this tool to influence others in a group’s climate. In addition, this week, Alana, Deborah, and Latasha, elaborated on the invasion of personal space, from how an individual may be perceived, once limitations or boundaries are observed or protected. The members of the group shared experiences, examples, or thoughts reflecting the distance, or occurrence(s) that may cause them to sense that their personal space is being violated. Alana, Latasha, and Deborah agreed that the use of nonverbal communication may be utilized as a manipulating tool. Latasha’s expressed how the tone of one’s voice, can be used as a nonverbal instrument. In turn, Latasha, suggested how different nonverbal cues, such as facial expression, vocal tone, and body language may have different meaning, similar to words. Therefore, it’s possible for group participants to receive different message form a…show more content…
In agreement with Alana, concerning the position of a person who becomes the recipient of manipulated, might not want to challenge the behavior, to eliminate conflict. In brief, agreeing or disagreeing with manipulation within a group setting, may reflect several reason, aside from an individual’s inner strength. Furthermore, Deborah, suggest that nonverbal communication may have a powerful impact on participants who may be influenced by members in the group. Therefore, Deborah, suggest that the powerful connection between body gestures, accompanied with other nonverbal cues, may cause the environment to become uncomfortable. Deborah, believes, a person may be influenced by the tone, the appearance, and stance any group member, Therefore, it’s possible for people to be manipulated by any group
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