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Organizational Change & Leadership from a Systems Perspective Sondra Primm BSHS/425 February 4, 2015 Professor Mary Hoover Organizational Change & Leadership from a Systems Perspective There are many aspects to running a successful organization. The dream of running a business initially starts off as a vision in the mind of the founder. That vision materializes into the mission statement, and progresses on to becoming an organization worthy of being put into a business plan. After completion of the many administrative and legal steps required, one must make sure to hire good people. A successful business will start with positive human interaction. The people of the organization must have the skillset to progressively advocate,…show more content…
The founder will set the example of behavior by encouraging respect for all staff members. Management will promote understanding of values and traditions from the diverse population the organization will provide service to. Strong leadership has a trickle-down effect. If our management team is strong, the staff will follow. A diverse leadership that has a vision to lead will show our clients that anything they put their mind to is attainable. Goals were set by each staff member and as a team we all brainstormed those goals to make sure they were attainable and met the needs of the organization. Our organization provides a service to the females of our community and it is important that we impact their lives by the examples we set as management. We will employ a diverse population of females from all aspects of life to support our organizational desire to provide needed services to our community. We will have interns from the college on site with hopes of being financially able to hire those showing to be outstanding with their volunteer ability. Staff will have input in how the operation is run. We will also give the client a chance to provide input as they work through our program. The life skill classes we will be providing will enhance the client’s desires and expectations in life. Leadership traits ideal
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