Week 6 Assignment 2: the Hiring Process and Managing a Diverse Workforce

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Week 6 Assignment 2: The Hiring Process and Managing a Diverse Workforce To purchase this visit here: http://mindsblow.us/question_des/Week6Assignment2TheHiringProcessandManagingaDiverseWorkforce/2781 Contact us at: help@mindblows.us HRM 510 Week 6 Assignment 2: The Hiring Process and Managing a Diverse Workforce Due Week 6 and worth 400 points Imagine that you are the HR Director at your current organization or an organization with which you are familiar. As the HR Director, you must use different employment law requirements to create methods and policies that support the promotion of a diverse workforce. Select one (1) job opportunity that you have held or with which you are familiar within the same organization for this scenario.…show more content…
Justify the relevance of each selected employment test to the job requirements. 6.Formulate a policy for making both the hiring and promotional decisions related to the job opportunity. Specify the major challenges and potential adverse impact of using subjective criteria for assessing soft skills. Next, suggest one (1) plan to mitigate the adverse impact. Justify your suggestion. 7.Recommend two (2) types of reasonable accommodations for both disabled applicants and applicants needing special religious considerations. Argue two (2) legal reasons for not being able to sufficiently provide such reasonable accommodation for each group. 8.Select one (1) case in which a court charged an organization with an affirmative action violation and one (1) case in which a court charged the organization with not managing harassment issues more expeditiously. Recommend an action plan geared toward preventing the issues addressed in both cases within your selected organization. Justify your recommendation. 9.Choose three (3) work-life conflicts that the HR Director should consider within the selected organization. Then, outline a policy geared toward resolving each conflict through the use of related employment laws. Justify your response. 10.Use at least four (4)
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