Week 6 Individual Project

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Week 6 Individual Project Introduction A new innovative warehouse system it is been introduced to ease the movement of items in warehouses this system includes autonomous mobile vehicles which will move quickly through the warehouse and load and move orders to the fulfilment platform. An entrepreneur, Dr Ryan O'Neal, and an investor, Jeff Hoffman investing $12 million in this project as a startup capital, Dr O'Neal have a good deal of experience in mobile robotics while Jeff Hoffman is an investor with a rich experience in warehouse management, supply chain management, and fulfillment technologies. As mentioned PMBOK Guide that usually project initiated to achieve organization strategy plans like market demands, business opportunities,…show more content…
Communication plan: In order to manage the project and the team successfully a communication plan should be set to ease the flow of information among the project team members as indicated by A. & C. Black “in your role as team leader it is your responsibility to get everyone pulling in the same direction “and this can happen when you set some elements like free flow of information, open communication, frequent feedback, meetings and building up a listening culture. (A & C Black 2007) Below is sample of communications styles and frequency should be used throughout the project. Stakeholder | Communication style | Frequency | Owners and Sponsor | Progress reports: email | Daily | Sponsor, client and project team | Product reviews meeting | Scheduled | Sponsor, client and project team | Questions/answers: email and cell phone | when needed | Sponsor, client and project team | Progress reports: email | Weekly | Quality plan Product needs to be extensively tested in a live warehouse environment before it can be rolled out to the customers so a well-defined quality plan needs to be established it is important for the company reputation not to hand over bad quality product as stated by Wysocki "A sound quality management program with processes in place that monitor the work in a project is a
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