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CHFD 311
Week 6 Quiz
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Which one of the following children provides the best example of emergent literacy?

A.Two-year-old Torina tears several pages out of the family telephone book before her parents realize what she’s doing.

B.When four-year-old Jack plays school with his older sisters, he fills a sheet of paper with lines of random letters.

C.Donna is only five years old, and already she can read many storybooks independently.

D.Six-year-old Yasser understands basic rules of phonics but does not yet know how to spell many words that are exceptions to the rules.

Answer Key: B

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Research indicates that a major advantage of giving children multiple experiences with books
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D.Chad is showing remarkable creativity in his word recognition skills and a potential for considerable creativity in writing later on.

Answer Key: B

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Which one of the following students is definitely demonstrating automatization in word recognition?

A.When Roland reads, he has to sound out most of the words.

B.When Samantha reads aloud, her voice lacks expression.

C.When Kristen reads, she recognizes words by sight and recalls their meanings immediately.

D.When Werner listens to someone say a new word, he closes his eyes and tries to imagine how it might be spelled.

Answer Key: C

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Ms. Trinh is about to begin a unit on sharks in her fifth-grade class. Some of her students have a strong interest in sharks and know a lot about them. Others know very little about sharks. When Ms. Trinh gives a reading assignment about sharks, she should expect that:

A.Students who know a lot about sharks will understand the reading material more readily than their classmates.

B.Students’ reading comprehension will depend almost entirely on their word recognition skills; their prior knowledge won’t make much of a difference.

C.Students who know a lot about sharks are less likely to monitor their comprehension and so may misunderstand parts of the assigned reading material.

D.Students with little knowledge about sharks may be reluctant to read about an unfamiliar topic, so motivating them

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