Week 8: Assignment: Hardware Replacement Project

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Hardware Replacement Project Dwayne Dunivan IT205 10/14/2012 Dr. Karmin Ruocco Hardware Replacement Project The implementation of any type of Information Systems Project needs to be properly looked over, in order to make sure its success. There are five major variables of project management that can help with the success of any project, which are scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. It could be the deciding factor for getting it done correctly, or possibly not getting it done. With any project, it could cost your company money by leaving you without the information you are counting on. The breakdown of the five major variables are Scope, which tells you what hardware will need to be replaced, what will be the new hardware…show more content…
404) When looking at such factors, you must have adequate staff to run the size of the project you are expecting to have. You cannot put ten people, on a project, when it would take thirty, to get it done, in the time limit you have been given. Ways I would try to reduce risk factors is by going over, the entire project, to make sure the five major variables of project management is properly looked over, and critically thought over to make sure the project runs as smoothly as possible. I would also determine what type of project it is so the proper planning tool could be implemented. According to Laudon & Laudon (2011), there are two common tools to help plan a project. They are the Gantt chart, which provides the times and lengths, in a visual form, of all of the assignments in an advancement project, just like the human resources requirements. The other is the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) chart, which “graphically depicts project tasks and their interrelationships.” (p. 405) It shows the tasks and what needs to be done that need to be finished before moving on to the next task. When trying to plan, work on, and finish a project, I would make sure I went through the five major variables of the project management before doing anything else. Making sure we have the money,
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