Essay on Week 8 Case Study: Database Development

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Running head: DATABASE DEVELOPMENT Week 8 Case Study: Database Development Professor – Dr. Hossein Besharatian CIS 512 September 14, 2013 Table of Contents Abstract This paper defines the Software Development Life Cycle phases specifically the Waterfall method with a review of tasks to improve the quality of datasets throughout the cycle. It includes recommendations of actions to be performed for full optimization for enhancing performance from data quality assessment. Although full optimization may be reached throughout the process of SDLC, continued maintenance must be in sued to properly retain the database error-free and protected. An evaluation of three methods and activities to ensure maintenance…show more content…
Automating process controls to ensure systems correctly process and record information. (FFIEC IT Examination Handbook InfoBase - Design Phase., n.d.). Quality management techniques that improve quality assessments include error detection, process control, and process design. These processes detect missing values, improve recurring errors, and help optimize effeciency. (Even, A., & Shankaranarayanan, G., 2009). Three Maintenance Plans and Three Activities to Improve Data Quality Three types of maintenance plans include: preventative, corrective, and adaptive maintenance which improve the data quality. Activities to improve data quality include database backups, integrity checks, optimizing the index. Preventative maintenance incorporates creating and continuously maintaining daily and/or weekly backups for data loss prevention, corrective maintenance ensures system errors are corrected. One activity associated to corrective maintenance includes resolving deadlocks, which occurs when two or more tasks permanently block each other. Adaptive maintenance includes enhancing system and database performance via based on utility assessments and optimized queries to improve performance. (Coronel, Morris, & Rob., 2013). Methods for Planning Proactive Concurrency Control and Lock Granularity Concurrency issues revolve around conflicts that occur when simultaneous tasks are performed on multiple systems, the conflict may cause

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