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Project Management Plan CPMGT 301 James Wood December 08, 2014 Project Management Plan Training for new HIPAA policies and procedures requires that a project manager organize and communicate the project to ensure everyone involved can work together to accomplish the end goal, which is ensuring all staff of the medical association are successfully trained. There are several parties that will need specific communication and the techniques used to communicate will vary. The parties involved in this project included executive leadership, human resources, legal personnel responsible for conducting the training, office managers, records specialists, administrative assistants, transcriptionists, nurses, doctors, and patients of…show more content…
The definitions provided below are for those activities that need further clarification. Evaluation and recommendations: Determine what the new HIPAA policies and procedures entail and determine the resources needed to train the staff accordingly. Develop Project Charter: This is a document to provide the scope of the HIPAA training, and defines identifies the stakeholders. This document also defines roles and responsibilities of the various people associated with the project. Milestones: These are important dates and events that are essential to the project’s success. Each of the above documents are made by the project manager as a means to help the project run smoothly and for referencing as needed. It is essential that each participant understand his or her roles and responsibilities to ensure success. The project manager is responsible to ensure appropriate communication. Human Resource Plan It is important to have a human resource plan to ensure all employees are up to par with the new HIPAA guidelines. The plan is broken down in the following order; determine HIPAA requirements and resources needed, design a training program, develop training materials, implement new requirements, evaluate compliance after training, and retrain if

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