Week Six

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Week 6 Exam Part 1: Define each of the following terms as they are used in the context of the study of personality (20 pts.) |The unconscious |All the thoughts,ideas, and feelings of which we are not and normally cannot become aware. | |Collective unconscious |The level of unconscious that is inherited and common to all members of a species. | |Unconditional positive regard |The full acceptance and love of another person regardless of his or her behavior. | |Extrovert |An outgoing person who is more interested in other people and what goes on around him/her than in | | |his/her own thoughts or feelings…show more content…
True or False (20 pts.) |Freud’s theory has been fully confirmed by research. |FALSE | |Erikson believed that personality continued to develop throughout the lifespan. |TRUE | |According to Jung, maladjustment occurs when people lose touch with their inner feelings. |TRUE | |Psychodynamic theories are mostly concerned with external events that influence behavior. |FALSE | |Humanistic theories stress the potential for growth and change. |TRUE | |Trait theories emphasize the influence of childhood experiences on the development of personality. |TRUE | |There is no evidence to support the idea that personality traits may be inherited. |TRUE | |The “Big Five” personality traits are only observed in Western cultures. |FALSE |
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