Week Three Center Of Paul 's Theology Essay

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NT2200-Week Three-Center of Paul 's Theology Paper
The Apostle Paul’s theology remains to be a matter of discussion. Even today, there are various thoughts on the subject as well as various thoughts offered by scholars as to the center of Paul’s theology. Furthermore, to examine the characteristics of the center of Paul’s theology, one would have to determine their viewpoint or opinion of what to declare is the center of Paul’s theology.
The authors of our textbook, Rediscover Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters, and Theology, have stated in their conclusion of Chapter Ten, “So the center of Paul’s theology is Christological monotheism narratively constructed in the presuppositions, traditions, arguments and paranesis of the letters. It is not a principle; it is a person” (Capes, Reeves, & Richards, 2007, p. 272).
Therefore, they conclude that after reviewing the concepts of Paul’s teaching, preaching, and letters that the key concept is Christological monotheism and is the engine, the driving force that organizes and provides a reasonable and conceivable understanding of Paul’s theology. It is from their study of Paul’s theology that, “All of the suggestions regarding a theological center for Paul have one thing in common. They relate their doctrinal or narrative center to the person and work of Christ (e.g., justification by faith in Christ, participation or being-in-Christ, reconciliation through the work of Christ, and the story of Jesus fulfilling God’s
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