Week Three Discussion

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Type your name here Type your name here Before you begin, save this document to your computer. You will need to submit your answers in the area indicated below. | As a member of a medical professional team, you will work closely with many physicians. As you have read this week, guarding the physician-patient relationship is serious business.In this assignment you will practice what you have learned in chapters 5 and 7 in the Medical Law and Ethics textbook: * Federal privacy laws that pertain to healthcare and the "Patient's Bill of Rights" * Privacy, confidentiality, and privileged communications * Filing birth and death certificates * Examples of communicable diseases which must be reported to local, state and/or federal…show more content…
| Answer:“I do apologize but I am not able to answer any questions about the “celebrity patient” recent passing. The main reason is I cannot violate the Physician-Patient relationship. All of our patients are protected by the confidentially law as well. Again I apologize and hopefully you will find what you need.” | (See next page for part 2) Question 2: In your own words, please describe the following duties a physician has in the given situation. | 5 points | Directions to complete Question 2:Please answer the questions below. | Answer:During a medical emergency Cannot ethically or legally turn a patient away who is in an emergency situation. If unable to adequately treat patient, must call 911 for emergency assistance. Patients cannot be turned away from a hospital or physician office if they are indigent or uninsured.Treating indigent patients COBRA contains amendment that prohibits dumping patients from one facility to another. It is also a federal offense. Does not mandate treatment but must stabilize patient during emergency.Not to abandon a patient Once agreed to care of a patient -- now in a legal contract. It is possible you can be charged with abandonment if not given formal notice of withdrawal from the case. And you must allow patient time
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