Week Three Individual Paper: Organizational Impact Paper

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RUNNING HEADER: WEEK THREE INDIVIDUAL PAPER: ORGANIZATIONAL IMPACT PAPER Week Three Individual Paper: Organizational Impact Paper Name University of Phoenix OI 361: Innovation, Design, and Creativity for a Competitive Advantage Instructor: Date Week Three Individual Paper: Organizational Impact Paper Innovation is what gives businesses the competitive advantage the company will need to be profitable in the market. Innovation impacts the strategy, process, products and services that a company has to offer. Three organizations that have greatly used innovation are Discover Financial Services, Apple Inc, and McDonalds. Discover Financial Services Discover Financial…show more content…
It was the innovative marketing ideas that gave Apple new life. Apple Inc introduced the iPod, and with an innovative marketing plan they didn’t just have success with the product, they brought lift to the company again. Apple marketed the iPod so it was not just an mp3 play it was the name brand mp3 player. Apple effected how a generation of people listen and buy their music. Apple Inc strategy was to market each product in phases, making each product the status quo at its release. The release of the iPhone 4, customers would wait in lines the day before to be one of the first to have the iPhone 4. Theses same customers would also be on their previous released iPhone3/3g. Apples innovative strategy markets a product to its success, then adds a few features and releases it again as new. McDonalds McDonalds is known for the success of their fast food chain restaurants. As a pioneer in the fast food market, McDonalds success is founded on their innovative ideas to maximized profit and product for minimal cost and labor. Their innovation can be seen in all aspects of their business, finance, marketing, advertising, and products. McDonalds restaurant is designed to maximize the desired experience they want for their customers. For children, McDonalds restaurants have play areas, meals designed to attract kids with toys and cartoons. Their color scheme for the building is to help

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