Week Two Learning Team Assignment

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Week Two Learning Team Assignment

M. Christen Fraley, Darrell Jones, and Nadia Moreno

Brenau University

Week Two Learning Team Assignment

Everyday, throughout the world, restaurants throw away large amounts of uneaten food. Public Health laws prevent them from re-serving or reusing this food, and, for similar reasons, they cannot simply give it away to hungry people. We opted to review this as our messy situation due to the impact that this has on people and the environment.

Response and Revision

The issue of food waste could be improved should all restaurants and food services participate in a composting program. Having an effective composting program would help reduce solid waste disposal fees and reduce the need for more landfill space. Progress must be effectively measured to determine effectiveness of the program. As it stands currently, there is a 4% composting rate from measured businesses (EPA, 2016). Annual goals for improved composting participation must be set. With current rates of 4% of waste being composted, a 10% improvement per annum would be the minimum expectation. This rate would be measured by tracking the tonnage of food waste that is composted versus being transported to landfills or incinerators.

A successful composting program would consist of raising awareness, encouraging participation, and rewarding behaviors. All consumers must be made aware of the issue at hand and educated as to what alternatives are…
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