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Week Two: Self- Inquiry: Select Candis Fields May 16, 2015 Concordia University –Portland Walking into my classroom every day allows me to feel that I am creating someone’s future be it personally or professionally. I love my career choice because of the impact that I have on my students. In these two years of teaching high school, I have learned a lot about the students in which I share a city with. I say this because when I was in high school, I faced struggles with peer pressure, fitting in, and other frivolous things that really was not as big as I made them. But what I find now is that my students are facing life decisions at even younger ages. Some are facing extreme poverty where they are having to choose…show more content…
So being able to share my life story with my students allows them to see that life is obtainable through hard work. Hallowell (2011) talks about how when someone is good for the job and likes it, then they will work to add value to this organization (p.45). I believe that this is true because when you love the work that you do, it does not feel like work. Every day that I go to school, I see it as a new opportunity to reach my students. This applies to my “challenges” who come in every day with their mind set on trying my patience. But I welcome them with open arms because they are helping to build my character, patience, and most importantly: my professional commitment. And although I love my career choice and my students, I feel that more educators would enjoy our schools more if we had consistency and uniformity in administration. I say this due to the lack of teachers in my current district with the gap only to spread in the coming school year. This school year began with one hundred seventeen teachers, which quickly went to one hundred by Thanksgiving. If this was not enough, many have been retiring and/or quitting after Christmas which brings our current staffing to around eighty- eight; with many not returning next year. I cannot, entirely, blame our administration for this dilemma our school now faces because selection works both ways. A lot of new teachers come out of college into “another trap that can

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