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1. What is the probability of rolling a four in the gambling dice game of craps (given two six sided dice)? 3/36 or 8.33%. What is the probability that a player can roll a four 3 times in a row (assume that rolling the dice each time does not affect the outcome of the next roll)? 3/36 x 3/36 x 3/36 = 27/46656 = 3/5184 2. Population A and Population B both have a mean height of 70.0 inches with an SD of 6.0. A random sample of 30 people is picked from population A, and random sample of 50 people is selected from Population B. Which sample mean will probably yield a more accurate estimate of its population mean? Why? Despite, both Population A and Population having a mean height of 70.0 inches with an SD of 6.0, Population B will…show more content…
This situation is appropriate b. The independent variable is radiation treatment on throat cancer patients (after a low dose and then a high dose treatment); the dependent variable is white blood cell count. . This situation is inappropriate—after a low dose and then a high dose treatment are paired t-groups are not independent. c. The IV is infant birth weight (low vs. normal birth weight); the DV is number of days absent from school in first grade. Appropriate d. The IV is gender (male vs. female); the DV is compliance vs. noncompliance with a medication regimen. This situation is inappropriate—the DV of compliance vs. noncompliance is measured on a nominal scale e. The independent variable is married status (single vs. divorced vs. married); the dependent variable is happiness measured on a scale from 1 to 50. This situation is inappropriate—there are more than 2 groups 7. For which of the following situations is the dependent groups t-test appropriate (if not appropriate, why?) a. The IV is presence or absence of conversation directed to comatose patients (same patients with and without conversation); the DV is the patients’ intracranial pressure. This is situation is appropriate b. The IV is birth type (home vs. hospital); the DV is perceived functional ability of the patient 48 hours after surgery. This situation is inappropriate; home vs. hospital are independent variables c. The IV is time since incarceration (1 month vs.

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