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Week 3 individual Assignment
Comparing and Contrasting Architectural Styles

Service-Oriented Architecture
Software Architecture is how a system is structured, it is a collection of all the elements that are what make the system, there are several different styles which can be used to create a Program or
Programs. Software Architecture styles will describe the classes of the architecture being used, these classes of course can be used repeatedly, there are known practices that allow the reuse ( Clements, Kazman & Klein “Evaluating Software Architecture”, 2002).
With so many different Software Architectural Styles out there, there are three that are most commonly used in a
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Resource – Oriented Architecture
Resource – Oriented Architecture (ROA) is the structural design supporting the internetworking of resources. A resource in this context is any entity that can be identified and assigned a uniform resource identifier ( URI) ( Per Dr. Roy Fielding, Resource-oriented software is known as an architectural style that exploits the existing technology and protocols of the web, including HTTP and XML. There are four concepts that are most essential for ROA’s which are:
Names (URIs)
What they represent
Links between each
And there are also four properties;
Uniform Interface
Connectedness (
With ROA’s it is very important to first determine what should be considered as a Resource, this is what really distinguishes the difference between the SOA’s and the ROA’s, once this has been done the next thing would be to determine the resource types and how to invoke methods and also how to correspond to the responses. The resources will be accessed through the HTTP interface. Because the Resource - Oriented Architectures are still in its beginning stages, in my opinion, I don’t believe it would be the best choice between itself and a Service- Oriented
Architecture at this time, I honestly believe

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