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Learning Team C Weekly Reflection A train that derails in a terrible accident is a good comparison for an organization that does not have a strategic plan in periods of catastrophic events. The problem is the train is completely off the original course after clearing the accident scene. A strategic plan with focus on long-term business objectives is important, especially in the event of a crisis. In this paper the subject is a discussion of this week’s objectives among Learning Team C. The discussion includes sustainability of long-term business operations, how global markets affect business strategy, and a long-term strategic management plan for sustainment of organizational performance. Further discussion includes how these topics…show more content…
Technological advancements have increased most organizations’ ability to conduct business worldwide however this is still a challenges to conduct business in countries with limited access to these advancements in third world countries. Apple Incorporated, one of the world’s largest personal electronic entertainment companies, built its empire by developing business strategies to mitigate or eliminate factors that affect global markets. To maintain its global dominance Apple intends to adopt the following four themes to ensure sustainability. Scale operation including manufacturing, retail, and Internet to meet global demands. Rapidly expand into developing countries with a focus on China. Introduce new products, such as the Apple TV and new iPhone schedule for release in September 2012. Invest the company’s 100 billion dollar cash surplus into new acquisitions, continued research, and development, and entry into new markets. Apple hopes these business strategies will cement its place in an ever changing global market (Meyers, 2012).
Long-term Strategic Management Plan
Strategic managers understand the importance of long-term objectives because short-run profit opportunities are not the best for profitability and sustained corporate growth. Michael Porter is known for the development of five forces that aid in industry analysis. Porter also developed three generic
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