Weight Control And Eating Disorders

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This year we covered a plethora of very helpful and useful information that will stick me for my lifetime and help me and others better them self’s but something that was really interesting to me that caught my attention was when we talked about Weight Control, and Eating Disorders. This serious issue drew me in because I’ve had friends that dealt with this growing up so it hit close to me. I have always thought I had to fit an image as well I never wanted to be too big or to small so I constantly try to stay in shape and watch what I eat and sometimes the thoughts would get to demanding and they would almost take up your time thinking about it so being informed was very helpful and cleared up a lot of things I was unsure of. What I have…show more content…
2. When I first took this class I was just taking a health class because it was something that had interested me some. When I first went into this class I though t it was going to be a very simple class that wasn’t really challenging at all. I thought that we would just cover some basic information on exercise, how to eat right and basic health facts jus some little things to pass the time by in class. When I came in on the first day I wasn’t expecting many tests, any projects, and homework or any busy work at that. I was very wrong. This class was a 360 for me this class is very detailed and it’s a good detailed class. When you take this you learn Health, Nutrition and how the body works. You learn how Food enters the body and what parts break down food and store and how it’s produced to energy for us, we learned about eating disorders and obesity how they are dangerous and the causes and signs of these illnesses and global food crisis what causes it and how we as a nation can come together and do our part to try to prevent it and donating to help others that are struggling and much more. We had plenty of tests and home work and projects. These assignments really helped though. By doing these they helped you learn the material we didn’t in the readings and by what we heard earlier in class it kind of just reinforced everything we learned. This is a great class to take because you learn so much
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