Weight Debate : The Freshman Twenty

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Kaitlynn Beaulieu
Professor Healy
English 123
17 April 2015
Weight Debate: The Freshman Fifteen Every college student knows about the midnight pizza runs, unlimited food in the dining halls, the ice cream bar, the two-in-the-morning cravings, and that plethora of snacks in the dorm room. In college, students get to make their own life choices, do whatever they want to do, and eat whatever they want to eat. Unfortunately, many college students make poor choices when it comes to their eating habits. A large majority of college students gain weight over the course of their freshman year, and the fact that such an extreme weight gain happens is so significant that it has earned itself a lasting name: the “Freshman Fifteen.” The freshman fifteen is a title used to describe the excessive amount of weight gained during the course of a college student’s freshman year. In actuality, the freshman “fifteen” is a misnomer; the name stuck because it is alliteration and it happens to be a catchy name. The number fifteen is also a fairly daunting number when talking about weight-gain, though there are a number of people that have gained fifteen pounds during the course of their freshman year. When incoming college students gain weight, they can gain anywhere from five to twenty pounds, but most students only rack up enough to physically show that they’ve gained weight. According to a report made by the Journal of American College Health in 2005, Jim Dryden states “70% of college
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