Weight Loss And Healthy Life Style

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Weight loss and healthy life style can not be achieved with out combining exercise and a healthy diet. Eating poorly is a habit that can set you on a course for a unhealthy future. If exercise is the only thing that changes when attempting to find a healthier state of body, then the toxins that you eat will continuously harm your body. If you eat healthy but do not exercise, then your muscles will remain weak, including your heart and lungs. If a healthy life style is the goal then there must be a series of small goals. With the small goals in place you can ignore the over all goal and make incremental steps toward it. I want to eventually achieve physical wellness ,so I have set a goal that will kick start my journey. Essentially I want to delete all of the habits that are in the way of my goal. That may include TV, bored eating, fast food trips, drinking coke’s and a hand full of other habits. That is only the first step toward my over all goal of a healthy lifestyle. The next step toward physical wellness is preparing my meals and pre packaging them. Eating incrementally smaller meals through out the day is also a good habit. I can start to exercise habitually. If I can get to sleep on time then I can wake up and exercise and jumpstart my metabolism. In order to track my progression I plan to weigh my self at the beginning of each week Seeing and feeling results is all that comes next. This will reduce the random eating through out the day. Once I have implemented
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