Weight Loss And Its Myths

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Shelby Neislar April 11, 2015 ENGL 1023 Blomstedt Weight loss and its myths The world is filled with many things that people use to their advantage. This however is a skill that is learned over time and calls for patience to master. This skill is the use of rhetoric to someone’s advantage. From a general point of view, rhetoric involves changing perception or understanding from their original to make them form a different opinion of the same thing. It may involve adding things that attract people and may not be necessarily true. Rhetoric can be used to help or deceive people, which is why it is important to know when it is being used just to be on the safe side. It is composed of things like hyperbole, alliteration, similes, allusions and among others (Sendelbach). This paper will look at the importance of rhetoric to students as well as look at rhetoric on weight loss and its myths from publication and television advertisements. In the article “Myths of weight loss are plentiful” researchers explain their thoughts and presumptions on the many studies down towards the effects of weight loss. Many doctors and directors of highly rated medical schools explain that they don’t see how some studies could even make a case on how certain programs and pills cause weight loss. For example, one of the studies done was the association of people who eat breakfast everyday to those who do not. Many of the people who did eat breakfast were shown to be thinner than those who did not,
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