Weight Loss Essay

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Are You Ready to Change your way of Life? Millions of people battle weight loss every day. People come up with so many excuses as to why they cannot lose weight. Losing weight, eating healthy and finding time to exercise are the biggest complaints of most individuals that are overweight. According to Rob B (par 1), so many people fail at losing weight because they are lazy. Many people would like to lose weight and exercise but because of jobs, families and other priorities, it makes it difficult to find time to exercise. Every time you cut on the television, there are commercials referencing weight loss, bariatric procedures or some kind of diet plan? There are plenty of magazines, newspapers articles and books on weight…show more content…
After an operation, the patient usually can eat only a couple bites of food before feeling full. The other option is the lap-band which is basically the same procedure as the gastric bypass, but instead of staples there is a silicone band which is customized for each patient. The lap-band has less risk and is reversible. According to Dr. Joseph Afram, MD, F.A.C.S. (par 18) As with any major abdominal surgery there are potential risks. With any medical procedure there are always ricks, but with most cosmetic procedures the results are amazing. According to Dr. Joseph Afram, MD, F.A.C.S. Par (21) Most of our patients are very satisfied with the results of their operation. Overwhelmingly, patients have found that they lose 50 to 90 percent of their excess weight, and maintain that weight loss long-term. Maximum effectiveness depends on the level of patient participation in the behavioral modification and nutritional programs, as well as an increase in physical activities and exercise on a regular basis. Other factors, such as age, sex, and initial weight at the time of surgery should also be considered. Weight loss surgery is not a magic bullet. It is, however, a powerful tool that has successfully helped many people achieve and maintain permanent weight loss. Your active participation in, and commitment to, the life style changes, exercise, and eating habits that weight loss surgery requires is a
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