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We live in a consumer culture where products and services such as diet pills, slimming creams, weight loss products that tone fat without exercise, liposuction and cosmetic surgery, are just a few of the popular methods that are promoted by advertisers to help people in achieving their ideal body image. Advertisements draw attention to a host of ideologies, by offering products and services that attract consumers who oblige their bodies, minds and souls to achieving the ideal appearance of beauty. Advertisements are present where ever we go, they are present on buses, billboards, in malls, magazines and many more. Advertisements all serve the same purpose of promoting and selling products and services that strive to help people,…show more content…
This paper will focus primarily on Korean advertisements for beauty, because unlike Canada, South Korea is ranked number one in the world for having the highest number of cosmetic surgeries done per capita (Korea Bang). Korean culture believes in extreme beauty methods because “a person’s success or failure is highly determined by facial looks which makes plastic surgery a worthwhile investment” (Unbelievable Facts). Many Koreans undergo cosmetic surgery in order to achieve a westernized look, which includes, fair smooth skin, big eyes with double lids, a tiny nose, and a small face with a V-shaped chin (Featherstone 2013). Now that this paper has explained the root of cosmetic surgery in Korea, this paper will analyze various cosmetic surgery advertisements related to facial and body reconstruction. The advertisement to the right is one of the many cosmetic advertisements found in South Korea’s subway stations in Seoul. This promotional advertising ad promotes that beauty can be achieved through cosmetic surgery. The denotative meaning of this advertisement is that no matter how unattractive you may look, you are guaranteed to have a positive, youthful and attractive after photo (Willett 2013). This advertisement is implying that with the proper tools, you can achieve your ideal perspective of beauty, while embracing your fresh, new

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