Weight Loss Methods to Try Before Surgery Essay

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Slimming pills and procedures like bariatric surgery and liposuctions may help reduce weight but are not considered “first line medicines.” Patients who qualify for bariatric surgery are those who have tried the conventional way of losing weight but failed. Performing bariatric surgery for obese children and adolescents in order to discipline their behavior warrants reflection and caution. In the field of weight loss, it’s not astonishing to hear of healthcare professionals proclaiming the virtues of a revolutionary product or procedure for losing weight without realizing that sometimes, it’s the old, time-tested and reliable ways that work the best. The truth is there are really ways to avoid risking one’s life from this “alternative…show more content…
Failure to use or exercise the voluntary muscles makes them weak and flabby. Weakening of those organs and systems that are formed from involuntary muscles is the result of failure to exercise. Muscles act like furnaces when one begins to exercise. They contract, or shorten, by burning one’s food fuel which uses up oxygen, and the energy produces wastes and gives off heat. A person who exercises receives some benefits. Exercise tones and strengthens every organ and system of one’s body. It helps relax tensions, making the sleep sounder. It strengthens one’s self-control, increases one’s mental efficiency, and enhances one’s feeling of well-being. It also boosts insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone that allows blood sugar to enter the body’s cells, where it’s stored or used as fuel. However, as a person ages or when he/she puts on weight, his/her bodies don’t respond as well to insulin and can become insensitive, or resistant, to the hormone. Insulin resistance increases the risk of heart disease and, if blood sugar levels keep rising, type 2 diabetes. A combination exercise and diet regimen may reduce frailty and increase physical performance for elderly adults who suffer from obesity, according to a study. To top things off, exercise seems to help not only the body but also the brain. In fact, an exercise can reduce the symptoms of depression, and it changes the brain in ways similar to antidepressant medications. In old age,
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