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Weight Loss Options Obesity is a major epidemic today in the United States. However, there are many options for one to consider when one tries to lose weight. Many who need to lose weight do not have the willpower to do it alone. This is why programs have been developed to help encourage and motivate society to eat healthier and exercise. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a weight-loss program that is not expensive or detrimental to one’s health. Some choices are: the economical diets, the slender diets, or the nutritional route. These all have costs and benefits, but it is crucial to examine each diet option to determine which is best. The most crucial aspects to consider are; what is the healthiest and what is the least…show more content…
It encourages one to attend small group meetings and counseling sessions for the purpose of motivation and support in losing weight. It is under $100 altogether; $20 for a membership, or only one dollar per week! The Tops Club Diet helps to develop an exercise and diet plan while one can still eat the food that he/she wants. This sounds good, but they are encouraging an eating disorder. Eat what you want, work it off, or just eat smaller servings of the same sugary, processed foods. (Tops Diet Club) Another strategy that fits in this economical detrimental diet group is some categories of weight loss pills. They can be very inexpensive, while one continues to eat an unhealthy diet. It may even encourage the individual to eat more because weight is no longer a concern and money is abundant. Think about what is being paid for by purchasing this pill. A cheap ticket to denial! If someone wants to lose weight and die young of a clogged artery, he/she should spend the money on a treadmill instead. The next group is the bankrupt, but slender diets. These are for people who want to spend all their wages to have somebody else cook their meals or teach them not to eat to excess. This consists of the South Beach Diet; which is a healthy version of the Atkins diet. The people who pay for the South Beach Diet spend a lot of money on a program that tells them to moderate their carbohydrate intake. This diet includes a book one can purchase

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