Weight Loss Pills And Its Effects

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Abstract Weight loss pills have been a very popular for Americans for a faster way to lose weight. These pills have been promoted in TV by trainers promising a fast safe, and easy way to become thin in a short amount of time. This literature review will help the reader understand Thermogenic pills, and the content these pills contain to produce fast results. Thermogenic Pills: A review of the Literature Fat Burners or Thermogenic pills have become popular in the United States and in other parts of the world. These pills contain E/C/A Stacks, which stands for Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin, which break down the body fat for it to become energy. The body is stimulated in the central nervous system, which causes the persons body to become extremely interactive. Some of these fat burners don’t mention all of the substances that the consumer takes. It is important to analyze what these thermogenic pills have in their dietary supplements and how it is being passed and admitted to local stores 1. What is the FDA? 2. How does the FDA pass products to be sold in the market? 3. What are doctors saying about Thermogenic pills? 4. What are positive and negative effects Thermogenic pills provide? These questions will provide information on how the FDA started and how it passed certain products for the market; comments doctors provide for Thermogenic pills and the positive and negative effects these pills provide. What is the FDA?
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